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Bali Beautique Spa

Because Beauty Is Perfection

Bali Beautique Spa is the first Balinese Spa in Perth and use exclusively Indonesian therapies with pure, natural, fresh and original products. We were located earlier in Mount Lawley which was opened in June 2007. In 2011 our name was changed to “Bali Beautique Spa”.

Subsequently, in February 2014 we closed our Mr Lawley premises and moved to new premises at Fraser Suites in January 2014.

Bali Beautique Spa is the place to pamper yourself with rejuvenating massages and soothing treatments, where body, mind and soul blend as one, resulting in a blissful relaxing experience. We’ll take you on a journey of Balinese fusion, blending tradition with modernity.

We offer you the unique experience of Bali in Perth, in a relaxing ambience that evokes Bali. Our treatments and products are based on traditional natural products with recipes in the form of herbs and spices which have been handed down from generations past. We believe beauty doesn’t need to be high tech or complicated.

We believe we can feel and look good through our connection to nature. Natural products used in extraordinary ways provide simple and brilliant answers to almost all types of skin problems, and have the power to soothe stress away.

Enjoy our spa treatments with the soothing notes of traditional Balinese music and let your body and mind relax as our scented oils perfume the air. Let us take you out of reality and into a realm of relaxation and fantasy. Imagine you are still on your well earned holiday in Bali but without the hassles of getting there.

Our therapists are all female, and are professionally trained in the traditional Balinese methods, to the highest possible standard. We also provide you with opportunities to treat your friends and loved ones with gifts from the heart that nourish the body and mind.

Bali Beautique Spa

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